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Workshop Description

The Confident U Workshop lays a foundation for transforming the mind to an elevated level of consciousness with the INTRO TO MEDITATION segment. Meditation helps your mind focus on unleashing your true identity and the inner confidence being concealed. It raises the awareness of who you truly are vs the “you” that you think you are and have come to be.

Adjusting the mind to a confident mindset requires unpacking the damaging rules and thoughts that dictate your reality. Your level of consciousness creates your perceptions which creates and recreates the world you know. In PRINCIPLES OF SELF you will identify the ares of your life were you lack dominance, vision and life purpose.

You struggle with having the ability to speak to people with confidence when you are driven by your Gremlin undermining your efforts. The Gremlin is your inner critic that tells you in one way or another that you’re not good enough. THE GREMLIN & INTRO TO GROWTH exposes the behaviors that are sabotaging and where your seeds of confidence are embedded inside you.

MANAGEMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES explores your worldly impact. Regardless of your consciousness to it, you are an energetic being that affects others. When you are intentional about exactly what you want your impact to be you are activating the power of your purpose. Living in your purpose is a direct tie to the level of confidence you operate in.

SELF LOVE PLANNING & MANAGEMENT is where you will create your action plan for implementing your confidence. You will gain clarity on steps you will be taking to nurture and maintain your confidence.

FUNDAMENTALS redefines your Core Thoughts. Your Core Thoughts are rules you have established that dictate your life. When these rules are rooted in Catabolic energy which is draining destructive energy it undermines your efforts to be confident. You will identify new rules and reverse the old ones to align with your newly established confidence level.

CENTERING will cement the confidence principles that have been introduced. You will put into practice the fundamentals experienced in INTRO TO MEDITATION.

EXPRESSIONS & PUBLIC SPEAKING will allow you to launch your new confidence level in a supportive space and examine your new self awareness.

Concluding the Confident U workshop you will have realized the abundant well of confidence residing within you and your ability to inspire others. You will have a clear intention on what your plan is on how to build and maintain your confidence in the future in any given situation.


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Frequently Asked

  • The workshop is 2 hours with additional time allowed for reflection and insights.
  • Yes we do. If you have a group of 4 or more people it's cost effective to run an 'in-house' course. We can tailor a course to focus on your organisation's specific needs.
  • The workshop is designed for both men and women to partcipate.